WHO 6th Edition semen parameters are reportedFast, simple and accurate semen testing in less than 2 minutes

WHO 6th Edition semen parameters are reported

Fast, simple and accurate semen testing in less than 2 minutes

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MES develops automated sperm quality analyzers (SQA) for assessing male fertility in both human and animal categories. Since 1993, the company has performed extensive R&D in order to accurately characterize and analyze sperm cell movement, concentration and morphology. Through the use of electro-optic technology, computer modeling and video microscopy MES has developed the proprietary algorithms that are the foundation of our technology. The accuracy and speed with which the SQA reports semen parameters (75 seconds) is unmatched by manual methods. As an added feature and included with every SQA-V, the company has developed data management software to enhance the capabilities of the SQA and assist the user to analyze, document and report semen analysis test results in multiple languages and with video attachments.

Sperm Quality Analyzer

The proven SQA-V technology delivers semen analysis in 75 seconds. Accurate and objective results on 17 parameters of sperm quality. The semen sample is visualized on the screen of the device or computer using a slide or capillary.

Sperm Quality Analyzer

SQA-iO is a new semen quality analyzer at a price that any laboratory can afford. The analyzer provides automatic testing of semen samples in accordance with WHO standards of 5th and 6th editions. Operates in conjunction with the SQA-VU visualization device.

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